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Top 4 Blogging Tips [Guest Blog]

[fa icon="calendar'] 7/8/15 4:46 PM / by Katherine Creeden posted in Inbound Marketing

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UntitledAfter being with HubSpot for about 6 months now, there’s a tip or two I’ve picked up about writing for a business blog. As we learned in the HubSpot Training video on blogging, blogging can help attract and convert. These are the four best tips I’ve picked up and would like to pass along to other fellow business bloggers:

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3 Steps to Building Buyer Personas [Guest Blog]

[fa icon="calendar'] 2/24/15 2:38 PM / by Rebecca Griebe posted in Inbound Marketing

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Buyer personasI am writing this post to Michael, Sara, Dave and Erika, one of whom is likely you. You see, Michael, Sara, Dave and Erika are buyer personas. They are created with a combination of raw data and educated guesses, representing slices of this blog’s readership.

"Personas are fictional, generalized characters. They encompass the various needs, goals, and observed behavior patterns among your real and potential customers. They help you understand your customers better." (HubSpot)

Buyer personas help you:

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10 Tips to Create a Successful Inbound Marketing Strategy [Guest Blog]

[fa icon="calendar'] 2/9/15 1:01 PM / by Courtney Velek posted in Inbound Marketing

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bhNMLThese days, marketers and small businesses alike are dealing with a challenging marketing landscape.   We are faced with an explosion of media outlets, content, devices, and data. On top of all of this, technology has significantly increased the rate at which things change.  If we can count on anything, it's that it will change!

Admittedly, this can all be quite overwhelming.  Where do you even begin?

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