Top 4 Blogging Tips [Guest Blog]

Top 4 Blogging Tips [Guest Blog]

[fa icon="calendar'] 7/8/15 4:46 PM / by Katherine Creeden

UntitledAfter being with HubSpot for about 6 months now, there’s a tip or two I’ve picked up about writing for a business blog. As we learned in the HubSpot Training video on blogging, blogging can help attract and convert. These are the four best tips I’ve picked up and would like to pass along to other fellow business bloggers:

1. Write for your personas

We know that HubSpot drills us on creating personas for our businesses, so do your research. Buyer personas help you decide what content you need to create. Remember that you have a primary persona and secondary personas- create content for both. Does your primary persona prefer infographics or eBooks? Does your secondary persona prefer webinars or slideshares? Make sure you provide your personas with the type of content they’re looking for when they turn to your blog. 

2. Create topics and organize

The best way to write for your personas is to organize and create topics. What I do, and it seems to be working, is create a color coded calendar. For every month, I make sure I have at least one blog per topic. Each topic is designated a different color, so it’s easy to see what topics already have a blog for the given month. For my particular company, there are 8 topics ranging from meeting our employees to server reviews (we’re an IT company) to random IT news. By creating a calendar early, you can get ahead on some of your content. Blog early, blog often.

3. Make it easy for the reader 

Include white space, images, and headings. When was the last time you read an article word for word? Probably on your SAT. Society doesn’t have time to waste reading every word you have to say, so make it easy for them. By including headings, you’re showing them subtopics of the blog they’ve clicked on. Maybe they clicked on your blog to read about a specific section, the headers can quickly direct them to the given section. Including images can help ease the reading, too. Society is all about the visuals. I know you’ve heard at least one person say, “but there’s no pictures.” Images are an easy way to improve social sharing, too.

4. Get other coworkers involved

We know the age old fight between marketing and sales, but the truth is, both teams can benefit from each other. I know we’re not talking biology here, but think of it as mutualism- both organisms help each other. In our case, marketing helps sales, sales helps marketing. Marketing is probably better at creating the content, but sales is probably better at gaging the customers. Use sales to help create your buyer personas and drive content. Call me crazy, but maybe even ask someone in sales to write a ‘sales’ blog post.

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Katherine Creeden

Written by Katherine Creeden

Katherine is a veteran Marketing Intern at ServerMonkey. She is currently an Honors student in her senior year pursuing a Corporate Communications degree with a Business Foundations certificate at the University of Texas at Austin. When she is not on HubSpot, she enjoys spending time *attempting* to teach herself how to code. After graduation in May 2016, Katherine plans to return to her native city of Houston. She is always up for adventure and enjoys discovering what both Houston and Austin have to offer. Katherine is a huge animal lover; day or night, where you find them, you’ll find her.